Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Guess Who?

She has a habit of scaring people at night.
She has long dark black hair that's straight.
She wears a white dress.
She appears in the mirror at 12.00 clock.
She comes in some horror movies.
She haunts you.
She eats you.
Her skin is light white.
She is skinny.
People think she is from hell but she was born by her mother.
She let's her hair out every night.
She has big eyes and her eyes are colour black.
She has scary teethe that scares you.
She searches people in the middle of the dark.
People watch her on youtube.
Guess who I am?

Guess Who I Am?

He comes in movies that are scary like Gallows.
He is a boy.
He has green eyes.
He is a ghost.
He has rotten teeth.
He has yuck stuff on his face.
People play his name on a game with a paper and a pencil.
He has brown kind of short hair.
He is a skin colour of white.
He is on youtue.
Guess who?

Monday, 27 November 2017

Someone Invisible

She looks like a treasure to me because when I look at her she treats me like my mother.
She feels like gold which makes me steal her from everyone else.
She smells like red bright roses that make me happy when I feel sad.
She smells like my favourite perfume that makes me want to sit next to her. 
Lastly she sounds like my mum and dad being respectful.
What she does is wonder around like me sometimes and help people when she needs to. 
She will always love every single one of you if you see her.  
Her hair is all black and her eyebrows are always done. 
She has long legs like a deer but her legs a prettier. 
She always wears clothes that matches her every day and she has nice gold jewellery.

Guess who?

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Kutai Fritters

When I read my part of the story it was all about this boy called Maeva's his feet was burning on the sand so he went to the rock pool to cool down, after his family said to wait for them so they can go in together and swim.
My other part of the story is that Kalani wanted to stay at the beach but the rest of her family wanted to go home to eat the Kutai, and when they ate it they said it was juicy and it looked like a piece of pumpkin.

Monday, 13 November 2017

The Monster Birthday Party

1. What was the main idea? To share.
2. How many hard cake rock were there? 20
3. Who came to the birthday party? 8 people
4. Who's birthday was it? Birthday Monsters
5. How many guests were there? 8

Make A Volcano

First you will need:
1. Dirt or sand
2. A small container or an eggcup
3. Half a cup of vinegar
4. Half fill a cup of baking soda
5. Red food colouring

Step 1. Use sand or dirt to make a mountain.
Step 2. Make a crater in the top of the mountain using your own fingers. 
Step 3. Put a half fill of an eggcup or use a container with baking soda.Step 4. Place baking soda into the crater.
Step 5. Stir a few drops of red food colouring about half a cup. Pour the food colouring that was mixed over the baking soda.

After that pour it on top of the mountain.

Then it ERUPTS!